About the Owner


My name is Greg Turner, and I am the owner/operator here at Turner LaserWorks. 

After my wife became medically disabled due to a chronic illness in early 2013, I opened a leather craft shop to help supplement our family's lost income (on top of working my full time day job).

Shortly after opening that shop I realized that stamps for my leather craft projects carried extremely high price tags...ASTRONOMICAL PRICES ACTUALLY!!!. Those prices made it nearly impossible for me to justify customizing my items with the use of stamps. All I could afford was a simple maker's mark...and I still had to save up for that!

Three years later I was still subject to those astronomical prices...

By that point I was tired of getting fleeced by the stamp companies. So, I decided to research the methods used in stamp making and found that I could not only make my own DELRIN stamps...I could cut the prices of custom made DELRIN stamps so far down in price that I could make it affordable for other leather crafters too.

So, that's what I did...and that's where we are today...custom DELRIN stamps for leathercrafters, at an affordable price.

We also offer custom Acrylic Templates based off of your specs/designs, and Transfer Templates to help you with your tooling projects.

At Turner LaserWorks we want to help streamline the leathercrafting business for makers of all skill levels.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to hearing from you!

G. Turner #440